Master in ESD (University of Malta)

The Master in Education for Sustainable Development is a part-time evening course extending over six semesters (3 academic years). It is taught by a team of specialised researchers in Education for  Sustainable Development.

The Master in Education for Sustainable Development course presents students with:
a. different perspectives of the environment, education for sustainable development, the interaction between the environment & society, and sustainable development;
b. different perspectives of sustainable development derived from the interaction of different environmental, societal and economic concerns;
c. various educational contexts within the formal, non-formal and informal sectors;
d. experiences of different qualitative and quantitative research methods; and
e. opportunities to manage and evaluate change.

The study-units offered will have a strong practical component, providing students with first-hand experience of current and prospective sustainable development issues.

The course is aimed at:
a. formal educators (teachers, head teachers and assistant heads);
b. individuals from environmental and development NGOs;
c. youth & community workers;
d. civil employees involved in policies related to sustainable development; local councillors;
e. people involved in the communication media (e.g. journalists); and
f. anyone committed to exploring more sustainable lifestyles.


Brochure (PDF)